Collection: Collection WOOD

A candle in a handmade oak wooden candlestick brings not only a delicate aroma, but also sophisticated elegance to your home. Its amazing aroma fills the room with warm notes, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The crackling wooden wick gives the candle a special charm, enhancing its appeal. The idea of ​​refilling a candle makes it not only a practical but also a long-lasting gift that will retain its appeal for you and your loved ones for years to come.

ATTENTION! Each candlestick is handmade and made from natural oak, so the candlestick you receive will be different in shape, but will remain just as attractive. Please take this into account when ordering.

After your candle has completely burned out, the candle holder can be refilled in two ways:

1. send the candle holder and we will refill the candle and send it to you (contact us by email or Instagram)

2. purchase a special DIY kit from us and enjoy it yourself candle making process