Collection: Collection ROMANTIC

Welcome to the Romantic candle collection, where each scent carries a piece of inspiration related to love and relationships. From "Have a Crush" to "The Man of My Dreams", each title is imbued with emotional meaning, offering a unique journey through the scents.

"Have a Crush" invites you into an exciting world of desire and excitement, thinning the air with sweet, mesmerizing notes. "The First Kiss" opens the door to memories of passion and tenderness, capturing these priceless moments in its fragrance.

"Morning in His Bed" offers an atmosphere of romance and coziness, filling the space with emotional warmth, while "The Man of My Dreams" is an elegant fragrance created to personify ideals and inspiration.

Each candle in this collection is more than just a scent. It is a journey through vision and feeling, bringing stories and emotions about love and relationships to life in the air.